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  2.             With the fast changing trends in today’s technology sector, people have started adapting their lifestyles to various gadgets which cater to an individual’s daily needs and demands. Be it laptops, smart phones, tablets or android devices, every information or mode of entertainment on a daily basis is available just at the tap or a click of the button.
  3.             India which is a developing country has left no stone unturned in order to expose its technology and incorporate the latest trends adapted across the world. People in India are highly computer and mobile devices savvy.
  • Every citizen of India has made him/her comfortable with the latest trends in technology and internet usage. Be it social media, online gaming, blogging and much more, every Indian feels and understands the importance of spending time online in today’s world. But have we ever imagined playing old traditional card games like Poker & Rummy online? Which have an age old history associated with them?
  •             Well, the world is gradually shifting from playing various card games in real to the virtual form or version of the play and the reasons are many. Be it playing with friends across cities, convenience of using various electronic devices, friendly online gaming experience, festivals, parties, etc. the list goes on and on!!!
  •             Online computer games have always been a replica of fun and entertainment for multiple age groups across India. They are always looking out for reasons to play exciting and fun filled games. Games like Rummy & Poker have been declared games of skill & Strategic Intelligence by The Honourable Supreme Court & various High Courts of India. These games individually carry a lot of importance in terms of lifestyle, status, intelligence and much more. Poker which had its roots back in the 19th century is considered an American National Game, and is widely played and appreciated across the globe these days. Poker as a game is considered a good game for individuals for multi reasons. It’s known to enrich one’s soul, help to sharpen the intellect, heal the spirit and last but not the least help to nourish one’s wallet. Poker opens the doors of reality for a player and teaches them to face these challenge heads-on. Like every game has its up’s and down’s, poker if not played with a concentrated and clear mind, might lead you towards losing the game. Gear up with your strategies and mathematical tricks to make the most out of the game.
  •             Rummy on the other hand, is a well-known old traditional card game which has been considered to be a social game played among friends and family. Played on the same lines of US rummy, Indian Rummy game has its own flavored rules and mode of play in various parts of India. Indian Rummy has also been declared as a game of skill or mere skill by the court of law. It brings along with it an elite experience and joy of playing the game amongst a large group. Rummy also helps one nourish their decision making and strategic thinking skills when played on a regular basis.
  •             Have you ever imagined how the experience of playing online card games can be??? If you haven’t, then start exploring your options at pokabunga.com. We as an online gaming company believe in providing a dynamic platform which serves as a perfect blend of amazing user interface, skill & intelligent card games, safe and secure environment and dedicated customer services. We provide users with the simplest online navigation system and comfort to start playing online. So what are we waiting for…?
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