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  • To provide its players with a fun filled and respected game play, PokaBunga.com has identified the following are not allowed as part of the Chat abuse policy.
  • "Flooding" the chat by entering the same message multiple times. Inappropriate and offensive language directly or indirectly to players and/or PokaBunga.com. Please bear in mind that PokaBunga.com will not tolerate any such kind of chat abuse.
  • The website reserves the authority to block chatting privileges of any players at its sole discretion and any decision made by the management of PokaBunga.com in this matter will be final.
  • In case you encounter an abusive verbal behaviour, we would like to ask you to notify our support team instantly. PokaBunga.com would request its players not to react or respond to this kind of behaviour and immediately bring it to the notice of the support team to handle the matter effectively.
  • Players if fail to respect our Chat Abuse Policy , shall be banned from our chat options permanently.

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